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Himakom Unisri Organized a Poster Competition

Communication Students Association of Unisri organized posters competition on “Kita Satu NKRI” (We are one, Indonesia)

Eka Puti Nur, the PR devision, stated that this competition is intended to grow nationalism among youngsters which is fading lately due to the globalization.

“This competition is intended for students and public. The registration will be on 20 February-18 March 2017 while the poster must be submited on 20 March. The announcement of the winner will be on 25 March 2017” stated Eka Putri Nur

She also ensure that the competition will be fair with jurries from accademics and practitioners; Herning Suryo M Si, Fanny Hendro A P, S Sos dan Irawan Wibisono, S Sos (*)

Posted On : 19 April 2017 | By : Humas UNISRI
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